New Chefs will be Trained in Hatay

Within the framework of the cooperation protocol of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality and Hatay Provincial Directorate of National Education, EXPO 2021 Chef Assistant Course has opened in Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Courses (HATMEK).

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality aims to teach delicious meals of Hatay with this Chef Assistant Course to the trainees, and in the long term actualize important works such as providing job opportunities for the trainees and hand down local flavours to the next generations.

Hatay, which was designated as member of ‘Creative Cities Network’ by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the field of gastronomy, aiming to train new chefs for the Gastronomy Village to be established in the EXPO 2021 area and preparing to set up a new team with these trainees.


Officials stating that the trainees will be trained in cooking and presentation of special dishes of Hatay, and they announced that citizens who want to attend the course must apply to HATMEK.