Current Situation

There are 46 tourism companies (tour operators) in our city. There are two 5-star hotels and six 4-star hotels in Hatay. The number of boutique hotels all around Hatay is increasing very fast.

These pensions generally serve in the concept of home. The bed capacity of pensions in the city and districts is approximately 4500.

The total bed capacity of the accommodation facilities in the city is 8550. With these results, the annual accommodation capacity of Hatay is approximately 3,120,000 nights.

Before the Syrian war, which began seven years ago, Hatay received almost a million tourists a year, and this has dropped to about one hundred thousand. With the acquisition of The Expo and Unesco Gastronomy projects in 2017, this number began to rise again and reached to six hundred thousand and going upwards slowly and steadily according to the Syrian war next door.

EXPO Capacity: 2021 View

During the EXPO 2021 HATAY event, the maximum number of accommodation expected to arrive in Hatay during the peak period of months will reach 15.000 per night. The capacity of the accommodation will be met by the works carried out within the scope of EXPO 2021 and the projects carried out by our governorship.

The average occupancy rate of the hotels in Hatay is 25% annually. In summer, this ratio increases in proportion to the tourism potential and reaches 40%. In this direction, taking into account the effect of EXPO 2021 HATAY event tourism potential, it is aimed to increase the capacity of 15.000 to 20.000 together with the guesthouses providing suitable criteria and meet the need.