Within this cradle of civilization, Hatay provides an oasis of tolerance and beauty in unparalleled location. A land of natural wonders, natural beauty, spectacular historical buildings, incredible Amanos mountain, Asi river. The city of secrets and mysteries, full of cultural and landscape differences. A city of fascinating medicinal and aromatic plants, rich in culinary, extremely interesting and popular tourist direction.

Hatay is one of the oldest settlements in the earth with a2000+-year history. The earliest settlement extends way back as far as the epipaleothic period and this can be seen in the caves found in Samanda-Cevlik, Yayladag-Ucagizli and Antakya-Senkoy. As an oldest center of the civilization Hatay carries the traces of different cultures, religions, arts, lifestyles. In this respect, it can be said that Hatay is not only center of the civilization, but center of the tolerance where people live in harmony.

Hatay is the trade center for a region as the Silk Road became an important destination, people started working as merchants and have huge impact on economy, culture, and social life, etc. The city’s manufactures include processed foods, textiles, and leather goods. Hatay (Antioch) is an important gateway that is a network of ancient overland trade routes extended across the Asia and connected China to the Mediterranean Sea. Interconnectedness is another aspect of Silk Road. Because of that the world come together and ensured the exchange of ideas, and product between the countries. This allowed for the exchange of culture, ideas and goods

There are several hundreds of natural vegetation refers to plant which has grown naturally without human aid in Hatay. Several factors such as distance of the sea, climate conditions have encouraged the selection of species, eventually many regional specific unique medicinal and aromatic plant exist in Hatay.

Due to the rich-natural vegetation of Hatay, Amanos Mountain have made a huge difference in medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation on sectoral basis. Knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants from ancient history till today has passed from generation to generation, to improve the quality of people’s life by increasing the diversity of the medicinal and aromatic plant, and improving the tourism industry in horticultural therapy that is for people who need physical and mental improvements, which is an effective way to adjust with activity of plant cultivation and horticultural operation from its social, mental and physical aspects.

With the increasing of Medical and Aromatic Plant Diversity of Hatay and the development of medical and eco-tourism Industry in the Region, we will transform Hatay into the world’s best Horticulture Therapy, Healing and Strengthening Rehabilitation Center through plants among the objectives of Expo 2021 Hatay. Getting benefit of the plant diversity, we have plan to build a botanical garden to learn from professionals and bring information back in order to support and inspire other while raising the profile of horticultural therapy as an effective therapy.

Hatay is the center of brotherhood and tolerance where people live all together in peace. Also it takes close attention for spiritual values as one of the Turkey’s most religiously diverse provinces with population includes Muslims, Cristtian, Jews, Arab Alawites, Armenians, Sunni.

The ancient Asi River divides the city in half that makes the region abundantly fertile. Hatay’s fertile land and diverse climate ensures availability of the varieties of fresh fruits & vegetables. As one of the largest producer of fresh fruit and vegetables, Hatay met %25 of export on fresh fruit and vegetables growing in Amik Plain in 2016.

As it is being one of the most culturally diverse cities located on southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Hatay is thecommercial, historicalcenter with full of charms thatwill makes a break through by Expo, the mostsignificant world events.

What is the Benefits of EXPO 2021 Hatay?

Expo 2021 Hatay will promote and focus green city concept and create an awareness of the urgent need for greening.

Expo 2021 Hatay allows city to create a fleeting miniature world, connecting minds, microcosm of global progress and dialogue. That’s why Expo 2021 Hatay aspires to generate a meaningful legacy that will benefit future generation, spanning everything from culture and innovations to sustainable development. Expo is catalyst for social transformation, sustainability, education and generates important legacies for the host city. It helps us explore new frontiers, and is making greater leaps than ever through connectivity.

We all have to empower the planet we inhabit.Hatay has been on the forefront of environmental activism,and one of the important city to outwardly address the climate crisis that can destroy all planet is devoting itself to protect the environment by increasing green streets, taking care of the energy-efficiency. Expo 2021 Hatay is embracing alternative sources, renewable energy and encouraging us all to reassess how we can preserve the environment.

The some of the important aspect of the Expo are bringing countries together to learn, collaborate on how technology, innovation can enhance end-to- end customer experiences and introducing visitors to new ideas that inspire them to act. It is a golden opportunity for participant incorporate projection and functioning, product launching, and also provides for sourcing opportunities.

Aiming to unlock potential in multiple ways, Expo are focusing on financial models, logistics, education, transportation, renewable energy, travel and sustainability.

As a leader in hospitality, we are delighted to organize an expo that adds value to environment and humanity. Expo 2021 Hatay themed “The Gardens of Civilization” will be key meeting point for the global community to make progress on issues of both national and international importance such as sustainable development and education, and share innovations.For six months from 1 April 2021 until 30 September 2021, Expo 2021 Hatay will welcome 2,5 million visits to come.