In parallel with the rapidly growing world population, in order to meet the increasing food demand and to meet the demand for fruit and vegetable consumption in the off season, the greenhouse cultivation, which has a high yield from the unit area, is gaining more importance all over the world. Greenhouse cultivation contributes to the economy in terms of its diversity, employment and increasing agricultural population. Hatay is an important centre of vegetable production in the region.

Most products grown in Hatay are parallel with the vegetable varieties grown in all across Turkey. 25% of the fruit and vegetables produced in Turkey are produced in Hatay in a good season. As of 2014, approximately 6.6 million tons of products are grown in greenhouses in Turkey and about 16 billion TL (Turkish Lira) revenue for crop production is obtained. Most of the products grown in greenhouses in Turkey are consumed in the country, and about 15% of them are exported.

Samandağ district is one of the regions where the greenhouse cultivation is carried out intensively in Hatay. In the district there are usually plastic greenhouses with spring roofs and high plastic tunnels. In the district greenhouse cultivation is mainly focused on vegetables. In addition, greenhouse cultivation is carried out in the districts of Antakya, İskenderun, Arsuz, Reyhanlı, Kırıkhan, Hassa and Yayladağı.

Hatay greenhouse ornamental plant cultivation has improved in recent years. Turkey grows many ornamental plants in the greenhouses in Hatay, and it is understood that it has an important potential for greenhouse ornamental cultivation which shows new development.

quoted from (DOĞAKA)