Hatay and its region is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Mosaic culture, which is a sign of wealth in ancient history, was developed here for the first time in the world. Mosaic, which is a cultural and visual art, has become one of the most important communication tools from the past to the present day with its colour harmony and congruity.

Even the Renaissance artists Gaudi, Michelangelo and Picasso are the artists who introduced mosaic art to the world. The Mosaic Village in the Expo area will be constructed by the inspiring works in the Hatay Archaeology Museum, one of the world’s leading museums. Mosaic concept will be integrated into all types of products in the mosaic village, including interior and exterior areas of buildings, sidewalks, entrance and exit doors as well as souvenirs and accessories. This area, which will host various activities during the event, will be an important attraction centre.

Our region, which contains the most important mosaic collections of the world, plans to present mosaics in different application areas in the mosaic village in Kisecik Expo area. There will be many national and international events in this area where different examples will be made from roads to buildings, from giant mosaic sculptures to souvenirs.