10 December 2021 - 30 May 2022

You named our mascots!

Expo 2021 Hatay’s mascots were inspired by Gazella Gazella (Hatay Mountain Gazelle), one of the natural symbols of Hatay. You have named these cute mascots with your tens of thousands of votes and support messages.

These two siblings will now live with their names with Expo 2021 Hatay. One of them named Defne (Daphne), which is mithologicaly symbol plant of Hatay, and the other named Zeytin (Olıve), the symbol of peace and longevity. Now “Defne” and “Zeytin” are ready to join us and introduce Expo 2021 Hatay to the world. They will not only share the Expo, but also life in Hatay, city’s nature, culture and history.

Defne and Zeytin are now preparing to enter the life of Hatay and Turkey with animations, books, souvenirs and their cute costumes that will suddenly appear on the street, before meeting you on December 10th in Expo 2021 in Hatay.

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