10 December 2021 - 30 May 2022

Replicated Coins

Replica means an exact copy of something. Replica coin is the copy of ancient original coin in terms of mould, mine and diameter. The aim here is to produce an object, a coin or a mosaic, which can be owned by museums and collectors.

It is an important market nowadays. Replica products as jewellery have taken their place in the showcase. For example, a pendant, a ring or an object from the Byzantine necropolis, can be used as jewellery or can decorate your house, as a replica.

In Hatay, some entrepreneur gold and silver masters are presenting them for sale in their display window. An ancient ring, found in the antique sarcophagus of Antakya located in the Hatay Archaeology Museum, called the ring of the Princess of Antakya and its copies can be found in goldsmiths all over the Hatay.

In addition, out goldsmiths offer the patented products of the City of Civilizations to the visitors of our city. Bell, Ezan, Hazzan themed necklaces, bracelets and rings are very popular and are marketed to our guests at affordable prices.

We are planning a jewellery hall on the Garden of Civilizations in our Expo area. We aim to introduce many Civilizations – Horticulture – Archaeology – Tolerance themed products of Hatay in jewellery hall. Our goldsmiths, jewellers and buckle shopkeepers, individual entrepreneur craftsmen, replica coin, jewellery, silver, stone processor, mosaic masters are equipped and prepared. With these experts, we will create a unique collection in the Garden of Civilizations Jewellery Hall and present them to the taste of our visitors.

With our collection we believe that we appeal to everybody, every age group and every faith. Coins, objects, jewellery, and our logo will be replicated in the most beautiful way to ensure that our guests get a souvenir purpose. We aim to attract international attention and interest with our collection. In fact, we have no doubt that this collection can participate in international fairs.