10 December 2021 - 30 May 2022

Hydroponic Agriculture

In addition to increasingly unproductive agricultural areas, global warming and food prices are the previews of future difficulties. In developing counties, insufficiencies in water resources, settlement policies in agricultural areas, establishment of industrial facilities in agricultural areas, incorrect fertilizer and drug use can be categorized as threats waiting for agricultural areas.

In parallel with the increase in population, with soilless agriculture, which is one of the agricultural technologies developed to meet the growing nutrient requirement it is possible to obtain 4-5 times more efficiency compared to conventional agricultural methods. For example, it is possible to get 80 thousand tons of products with the water culture which is a kind of soilless agriculture.

Yet the very beginning though, Turkey, which is in these implementations and has a serious potential on soilless agriculture, that offers great opportunities with geothermal water resources. Considering that the Hatay region, especially with the Syrian guests, the rapid increase in the population and to get more products in the unit area are targeted with the soilless agricultural practices.

Apart from the possibility of cultivating hygienic and tastier products, without the factors such as fertilization, spraying, excessive irrigation in soilless agriculture delicate medicinal plants such as conventional vegetables and tuber-free greens can be grown healthier and the disease level is reduced to minimum levels.