10 December 2021 - 30 May 2022

Serpentine Stone Workshops

Serpentine stone is a stone found in nature, which can be extracted in many places of the world. However, the black serpentine stone processed in Antakya is a unique stone in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus plaque. In nature, it is usually desirable from stream beds and is easy to process in nature.

This stone, which is identified with the city of Antakya, has been processed in Antakya for 2350 years. It was used as jewellery, seal and inscription plate. Even the seals in the late Hittite period are serpentine stones. There are also serpentine works in Antakya Archaeological Museum.

Today, the serpentine stone, which is in demand as a souvenir, is an object which is used daily because of its easy processing and its charm and useful properties.

Since the Roman period, the best craftsmen of serpentine stone are in Antakya. Sculpture, figurine, necklace, candle holder, oil lamp and vase can be examples of this. Antakya serpentine stone contributes to city tourism as a gift product marketed at very reasonable prices.