10 December 2021 - 30 May 2022

What is EXPO?

EXPO is one of the most important international events that make the host country highly respected and organized by the International Exhibitions Bureau, is called the World Fair on the international platform. Expos are a gathering of nations from all over the world to display their good and craftsmanship, to share with pride information about their hometowns. It is an example of the great achievements of human civilization unrivaled appeal. By the end of the 18th century, people come up with the idea of organizing an exhibition, but in which goods and stuff were merely displayed, not sold.

EXPOs, that can be described as the world’s culture, history and education Olympics, bring countries together to share their know-how on a special subject for a more livable world. These exhibitions bring together a wide range of products from different countries. However, the aim here is not solely to market these products, but to take prominence the culture, history and assets of the countries they represent. Expos are organizations that provide urban renewal and reflect periodic features as they are. Aiming to inform the community and protect the natural environment, Expos give the cities where they are realized an opportunity to play a role in harmoniously opening the door to innovation and sustainable development by bringing the people’s world all together, while leaving the city identity an indelible impression.

EXPO is beyond being a trade show, is known as a theme serves for educational purposes and cultural event. By focusing universal issues such as the cultural heritage of all countries all over the worlds, these activities intended to blend future expectations.

Promoting environmental consciousness is one of the most important indicators for representing national civilization. Environmental problems are becoming serious in today’s word and protecting environment is the most important matter of deploying a sustainable development strategy. Finding solutions to the fundamental challenges facing humanity, Expos create environmentally concerned and responsible society.

The city where the EXPO is organized becomes a tourism center. Tourism is an opportunity for countries to speed up its economic development, since it is a very fast grooving and diversifying sector in the world. Tourism is no longer just for sea-sand-sun tourism; it is diversified as historical, green nature, health, religious, thermal, cultural, etc. Tourism contributes to the production by increasing demand for goods and services in different sectors such as accommodation, entertainment, transportation.

In a nutshell, Expo is a tool for economic, culture and social improvement, counting the collaborating of the most powerful countries in the world that act together for a global growth and it aims at activating the achievement of the goal sustainable development at the level of countries, communities, families through the collection and effective initiatives, with a view to adapting, and expanding them to have a greater global impact.


The Common Goal of Expos;

Each EXPO aims to raise public awareness, to share change, to encourage progress and to convey experiences in its own field.

For Participants;

EXPOs are events that allow a broad crowd of people to work together, including experts, executives, NGOs and politicians.

For International Community;

EXPO is a dialogue platform for progress and cooperation. It brings the whole world together to find solutions to the main challenges facing humanity. At EXPO, participants set up an exhibition space or pavilion and present their experiences and ideas on themes and sub-themes in this area. Professional organizations such as conferences and workshops are also included. These events help to exchange ideas, create solutions and establish new collaborative links.

For Local Community;

EXPO is a field of education and entertainment.

It gives the opportunity to organize many activities such as conferences, symposiums, exhibitions and shows. Expo area is an attraction centre with its innovative architecture. EXPO offers visitors an unforgettable experience with cultural events, interactive exhibitions and ground-breaking technologies.

EXPO enables international communication and creates economic opportunities.

The host country invites other countries, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and companies to become part of the event with their pavilions or exhibitions. This enables participants to present their own achievements, ideas, cultures and products to the international audience. In this way, the participating countries contribute not only to their international image but also to the development of international joint activities.

EXPOs provide the opportunity for participating countries to strengthen their ties with the host country and other countries, as well as to promote their country. The companies participating in the events expand their markets, communicate with other companies and organizations and find opportunities to invest with new audiences. EXPO is also a platform for international organizations and non-governmental organizations to create awareness in the areas in which they work.

For The Host Country;

It is a tool for branding and development of the country. EXPOs are one of the few events around the world that attracts millions of visitors including the world leaders and decision makers. It is an opportunity for the country to strengthen its international image and puts itself in a key position in the international arena. EXPO is an effective way of promoting total development by improving the infrastructure of the city where it is located and transportation networks. It also improves the country’s global business and investment environment by creating new business areas.