10 December 2021 - 30 May 2022

UNESCO Gastronomy Project

Content of UNESCO Hatay Gastronomy project;

  • Construction of Gastronomy town,
  • Construction of Gastronomy house,
  • Establishment of Gastronomy academy,
  • Establishment of Gastronomy institute,
  • Organizing Gastronomy festivals and food competitions,
  • Organizing Gastronomy panels, conferences and workshops,
  • Increasing the use of organic vegetables and fruits to support rural development,
  • Increasing the quality and branding of the region food-beverage sectors and set a certain standard,
  • Organizing activities to increase the recognition of Hatay cuisine national and internationally,

All of these topics will be integrated with the EXPO 2021 HATAY, so the introduction of the EXPO will also contribute to rural development and international recognition and thus sustainable development as it includes Gastronomy and Ecological Agriculture.