10 December 2021 - 30 May 2022


Gastronomy can be defined as enjoying fresh and good food cooked under the rules of traditional culinary art and eaten as a holy ritual where nature comes together with the soul. In short, gastronomy can be called the alphabet of food which contains a cultural depth.

Around the world, food is a bridge that connects people and strengthens relationships. In this respect, gastronomy examines the relationship between food and culture.

In this context, food culture has been an important element in the society, from food production to consumption process and moral and material cultural elements that emerged as a result of this process. Food culture in Hatay has been influenced by environmental conditions, socio-cultural structure, economy and religious beliefs.

The most important reason that makes Hatay cuisine so special is that it can transfer its cultural richness to its kitchen and its food varieties and more importantly, despite all sorts of modern pressures, it is able to develop and maintain it. While this feature is rare in the world, Hatay cuisine is a good example that can reflect and sustain it.


  • Introducing the cuisine of Hatay, one of the richest cuisines of Anatolia, not only national but also international.
  • To taste the unique tastes in Hatay cuisine to the world and to keep the recipes of these flavours alive.
  • To transfer the cultural heritage of Hatay with its rich culinary art to the next generations and to maintain its continuity.
  • Eliminate the shortage of qualified staff in the food-beverage sector,
  • To expand the commercial and cultural volume of the city at the national and international level by the experts, in the field of gastronomy in the world, sharing experiences with each other.
  • Increasing the potential of creativity in the field of gastronomy, rural and urban development of the city.


Content of UNESCO Hatay Gastronomy project;

  • Construction of Gastronomy town,
  • Construction of Gastronomy house,
  • Establishment of Gastronomy academy,
  • Establishment of Gastronomy institute,
  • Organizing Gastronomy festivals and food competitions,
  • Organizing Gastronomy panels, conferences and workshops,
  • Increasing the use of organic vegetables and fruits to support rural development,
  • Increasing the quality and branding of the region food-beverage sectors and set a certain standard,
  • Organizing activities to increase the recognition of Hatay cuisine national and internationally,

All of these topics will be integrated with the EXPO 2021 HATAY, so the introduction of the EXPO will also contribute to rural development and international recognition and thus sustainable development as it includes Gastronomy and Ecological Agriculture.