EXPO 2021 HATAY Informing Meeting was held at Mustafa Kemal University

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality EXPO and Gastronomy Coordinator Ömer Faruk Çelebi held a meeting in Hatay Mustafa Kemal University to discuss EXPO 2021 Hatay project.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Okan Şener, Dean of Agricultural Faculty, and many lecturers of Mustafa Kemal University attended this meeting. Ömer Faruk Çelebi shared the details and current situation of the EXPO 2021 Hatay project.

Çelebi stated that the aim of Garden and Botanical EXPOs is rural development. For rural development, we need to train our farmer and prepare them for the world competition. Most importantly this project must be a sustainable project. This can only be possible by building a sample place with necessary infrastructure.

Çelebi mentioned the importance of redesigning and realizing the urban dynamics and the EXPO 2021 will provide a significant momentum to Hatay with the contribution of Mustafa Kemal University. He also stated that the division of labour for the four main sectors of the EXPO and infrastructure working groups were established.